Alaska Railroad Reviews

Well the train reviews are in… and not surprisingly… nearly everyone loves an Alaskan railroad adventure.

We love numbers, so we asked over 1000 of our train guests from the past two summers to rate their experience on the railroad on a scale of 1 to 5. This is the same schedule that TripAdvisor uses, with 5 being the best possible review score.  The tables below show our rankings by railway service and how folks ranked the individual Alaska Railroad routes. Keep in mind that a score of 4.0 is a ranking of “Very Good”, and every company and route ranked near the top score of “Excellent”.

Alaska Train Reviews by Service
Alaska Railroad GoldStar Dome 4.87
Wilderness Express Private Dome 4.76
McKinley Explorer Private Dome 4.73
Alaska Railroad Adventure Class 4.71
Alaska Train Reviews by Route
Coastal Classic Route (Seward) 4.86
Denali Star Route 4.75
Glacier Discovery Route (Whittier) 4.59

If you are looking for more information on the different service options visit this page, and we also have more information on the different train routes here. Last but not least, here are some comments we received from our guests that traveled with us in the past season or two.   


I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this train ride! The staff was helpful and friendly and the narrator was awesome
~ Jennifer from Texas

My experience was flawless, beyond expectations and no problems ever arose. I was blown over by my rail trips.  Service was personal and excellent.
~ Jack from California

Great luggage check-in. Great commentary from tour guides.  Very friendly staff all around.  Dome car service was fabulous. Dinner in the Dining car was excellent. Fantastic Experience!
~ Cammie from Texas

The train was a highlight of my trip to Alaska.  Such beautiful scenery and the train staff provided interesting commentary along the way.  Clean and comfortable -- good food and friendly staff.  Enjoyed being able to walk around the train.
~ Tina from Indiana

Worth every penny and I will definitely recommend people take the train to get to their port of call or to see Alaska.
~ Shelley from Ontario

I didn't know what to expect on this train ride, but it was PERFECT! Super glad we booked it. Great way to sightsee on our way to catch our ship in Seward!
~ Wayne from Tennessee

Going with the Dome was definitely worth it - wouldn't go any other way.
~ Pam from Minnesota

Excellent experience, food car was gorgeous, food excellent, this was super great and a lovely way to wind down.  Super excellent!
~ Denise from Florida

The highlight of our trip. Beats The Rocky Mountaineer by far!! Viewing platform great, service great!
~ Linley from Washington

The train ride was AWESOME and very impressed with the HS students working on the train!  All very polite, friendly and helpful.  they were also full of knowledge!
~ Lisa from Iowa

The Alaska Railroad DOME from Anchorage to Denali was absolutely the BEST.  It set the tone for our trip.  Very relaxing, entertaining, exciting.  We had beautiful weather and was able to move about the train with ease.   Definitely the way to travel!
~ Sue from Minnesota

This trip was one of the (many) highlights of our trip.  In addition to the amazing scenery, the employees of the Railroad were very friendly and welcoming.
~ Patti from North Carolina

The train and staff were excellent.  The commentator was delightful.  The seats and dome car were outstanding.  The scenery was wonderful.  We LOVED the train ride.  It may have been the highlight of our trip!
~ Bayne from Utah

Fun to take the same drive in two different forms of transportation.  Particularly appreciated having the luggage taken directly to the ship.
~ Martha Nell from Quebec

Loved the train ride!!! Enjoyed visiting with some local people on the train.  Very relaxing, clean and comfortable.
~ Terri from Texas

The staff was great! We loved all of the great information that your staff shared with us. Thank you for the memories. We can't wait until next time!
~ Shelby from Colorado

Fantastic!! What great pictures were we able to take. Loved the dome car, the open air car and the breakfast! We have been on several other train rides but never one with the breakfast option. It was like being part of some movie from days gone by!
~ Gardner from Connecticut

WOW!  This was the BEST!  We had the Gold Star dome car and enjoyed every minute. I was SO glad we didn't drive this stretch of road as the train was luxurious. We even had a bar in our private train car!  We had dinner on the train it was fantastic.
~ Deirdre from California

Would recommend to future customers the upgrade on the railroad to goldstar at least one way to take advantage of the great view!
~ Barbara from South Carolina

AWESOME!  Never been on a train before. Very pleased! Lot to see. Conductor and staff quick to point out wildlife when seen and to slow down to take pictures of Mt. Denali when it came into view.
~ Kathi from Arkansas

The train ride was incredible.   Viewing was unobstructed, seats extremely comfortable and food service was 5 star.
~ Jacqueline from Florida

The staff was perfect in every way, from ticketing, to wait staff and interpretive comments all along the route.  So many young eager workers doing am absolutely  superb job, we commend them all.  Keep up the great work, you do make a difference!
~ Nanette from Minnesota

The train slowed down whenever there was something interesting outside, which is marvelous. There was narrators all the way, which is great!
~ Xia from Maryland

Nice ride back, love the dome car and the dinner we had was great. This was a great trip to start our three week tour of Alaska and the Yukon.
~ Robert from New Jersey

Luggage handling well organized, dome cars a favorite, food was good, and in our case – Amazing weather & an incredible view of Mt. Denali!
~ Anne from Oklahoma

The train was one of the highlights of our trip!  The scenery was second to none, the train and staff were wonderful!
~ Lynn from Minnesota

Alaska Railroad is a must for everyone.... highlight of the trip!!!
~ Angela from Alabama

Loved the train. Walking around, eating in dining car, spacious seating, liked the commentary, nice student guides.
~ Mary from Virginia

Riding the DOME railroad was fun!  We got a great view of the Alaskan countryside from the car and also the outside observation deck -- which was a real plus.  The dining car was nice and we had a good meal there.  We appreciated the beverage service too.
~ Mark from Delaware

We loved the “gold star” dome car, it was perfect for sightseeing.  Freedom to move about, the dining car experience, and ability to stand outdoors combined to be our favorite mode of travel in Alaska. The scenery in this area was amazing!
~ Pauline from Ontario

Upgraded to Gold Car, awesome. Will definitely do it again. This has been my best trip ever, all ready thinking of going back.
~ David from Massachusetts

This was a fantastic ride. I loved the Dome train!
~ Catherine from Georgia

Truly, one of the best travel experiences ever. My first time traveling on a train and now I am totally hooked.
~ Leslie from California

Excellent train ride, our group of 8 was all together and the food was delicious. Amazing service!
~ Lila from Hawaii

We had the most wonderful time traveling by both coach and train. We appreciate you assisting us with getting our trip organized. It went like clockwork.           
~ Gail from Minnesota

We had a great time in Denali and the return trip on the train was spectacular. Everything worked out as planned without any issues.
~ Angel from Florida

The train and Park Connection Motorcoach were on time and the scenery was beautiful.             
~ Delaine from Tennessee

Our family had a wonderful vacation. The train ride down to Seward was breathtaking. We saw lots of wildlife in Denali Park and Kenai Fjords; the Alaskan range at sunset will be etched in our memories forever.  
~ Katherine from Hawaii

Cannot remember how I found you, but I am glad I did!
~ Valerie from Florida

Alaska and everyone with whom we came in contact with was friendly, helpful and informative. The train was a huge success and we truly enjoyed everything. Thank you!
~ Jeff from California

We had a wonderful time on our trip and the train was great. We enjoyed seeing the mountains and wildlife and even panned some gold.
~ Ed & Mary from Maine

We just returned from our Alaska trip and you guys could not have done a better job! Everything went just as planned - no hassles and no worries. Thanks for a wonderful vacation.            
~ Paul from Nevada

We really enjoyed the relaxing train ride, and the boat ride in Seward was the highlight of our trip! Thank you for arranging an unforgettable trip for our family.
~ Sandy from Florida

The itinerary you arranged for us was great and we especially enjoyed the bus and train trips.
~ Enok from Australia

We just want to thank you for a wonderful time with no glitches. I would recommend the train to anyone who likes nature, good food and good company.
~ John from Wisconsin

My husband and I just returned home from a trip of a lifetime. There was not a single hitch in our plans and nothing could have gone any better. We will be recommending your service to all of our friends.
~ Sunanda from Minnesota

We had a great trip! The highlights were the domed train ride to Seward and the Tundra Tour in Denali.
~ Chris from North Carolina

My husband and I enjoyed our trip on the train and our stay at Denali Park. Everything went just as planned and was well organized.
~ Barbara from Florida

Your help made our Alaska trip an absolutely a joy.  All our reservations, hotels, buses and trains were flawless.  Everything was on time and each day went exactly as described.    
~ Tony from Texas

Thank you for the wonderful trip we had to Alaska.  The train was spectacular.
~ Nancy from Australia

The train trip was fantastic.  What a great way to get to the ship.
~ Janna from Winnipeg

Best train ride ever. They even stopped to view wildlife. I can't think of anything to make it better.
~ Marsh from Iowa

The only way to book a trip on a train!
~ John from Ohio

Loved our trip to Alaska. All the guides were fantastic and really enjoyed your beautiful state.  Appreciated how easy it was to get from place to place by train/bus and all the shuttles to get around once we were at a location.
~ Dennis from Alabama

We were impressed with the train service from Fairbanks to Anchorage – clean and comfortable trains, friendly staff.
~ David from Australia

The train journey was the highlight of our Alaska Trip. Great scenery, friendly staff with informative comments and explanations as we travelled practically the whole length of the railway.
~ Madeline from Australia

We really enjoyed the train ride and especially the crew.
~ Steven from Illinois        

This was a fantastic ride. I loved the Dome train!
~ Catherine from Georgia

Absolutely loved the train trips!!
~ Susan from Oregon

Very pretty trip and liked the slowing of the train for pictures along the way.
~ Donald from Nebraska

This rail travel was very relaxing. The Alaskan view from the train was beautiful.
~ Melissa from Texas

The best train ride ever!
~ Bettina from Oklahoma

Truly, one of the best travel experiences ever. My first time traveling on a train and now I am totally hooked.
~ Leslie from California

Loved traveling by train.
~ Nancy from New York

Just fun!! Nice train- friendly people, tour person was very knowledgeable and entertaining.
~ Margaret from Hawaii

It was one of the best train rides we have been on.
~ Patricia from California

We upgraded to Dome service because it was so great. Alaska Railroad was our favorite way to travel in Alaska!
~ Sylvia from California

The Alaska Railroad Dome from Anchorage to Seward was one of the very best parts of our Alaska vacation.  It was just spectacular!
~ David from Florida

Alaska Railroad is a must for everyone.... highlight of the trip!!!
~ Angela from Alabama